• 🤔 Pro tip

    Scroll to zoom in & out!
  • 📲 Mobile users

    When using the sliders, it helps to click on them first
  • 🍭 Modes

    Choose between two modes, diagonal text or spiral text!
  • 💬 Load a font from Google fonts

    The "Font url" should only include the provided URL by Google for example: "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Rowdies:wght@300&display=swap" And the "Font family" setting should be the CSS value for example: 'Rowdies', cursive
  • ⛔️ Spiral count

    The spiral count defines the amount of spirals to write text on, if you up the amount of times the text is repeated but don't see anything drawing, you need to up the amount of spirals too. Use the 'Show spiral path' button to make the spiral path visible.